Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics

Dynamics in our daily lives, the constant changes and unexpected challenges often confront us with the dilemma of what behavior to choose and how to proceed. Code of Business Ethics of VIVA is designed to assist employees in their choice of correct behavior.

All in VIVA, regardless of status, position or years in the organization must compare their behavior with the Code and observe their actions in line with the described rules for ethical business behavior.

For company

VIVA aims to be a leading, secure and dynamic company, featuring products offered and attitude towards business partners.

The products and services we offer

We strive our services to be recognizable, high quality and reliability with competitive price, they are safe for use in accordance with European standards.

For company employees

Our belief is that employees are important to the organization, their behavior inside and outside the wear and appearance affect the attitude VIVA wants to have with clients and partners. Therefore we define these behaviors as desirable and undesirable by its employees:

Attitude to work: positive, responsible, motivated by a real desire for development. Unfairness to the employer, inertia and lack of organization are behaviors that VIVA considered inappropriate.

Аttitude to colleagues: VIVA seeks to encourage and promote the contribution of each organization. The team is tolerated willingness to cooperate, accessibility and honesty in the relationship. Disrespect, rude attitude and intrigue is unacceptable.

Attitude towards the customer: VIVA concentrating its efforts on customer satisfaction, comprehensive and lasting solution to their problems and needs, target customer behavior to determine as responsive, honest, patience and willingness to cooperate. Unacceptable behavior of an employee of VIVA, associated with dishonesty, understatement, shrift to the client and delivering in-house information to third parties.


Conflicts are part of life in any organization. If they occur, employees should adhere to constructive dialogue, hearing the parties and if necessary - a reference to the supervisor.

Social Responsibility of the company

We recognize our responsibility to society and contributors to it. VIVA is a good and reliable employer who complies with the laws of the country, cares for its employees and is an active participant in public events locally.

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