Commercial guarantee

Commercial guarantee
  1. Duration of the commercial guarantee of the products VIVALUX® , provided that they are properly installed and used in accordance with good engineering practices is:
    • 24 months for LED lighting sources and LED lighting fixtures; 36 months for the products for which it is indicated;
    • 12 months for light sources: compact fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps;
    • 12 months for other products.
  2. The period starts from the date of sale of the product from the retailer in Bulgaria. Bringing a claim under commercial guarantee must be made in writing no later than two months from the establishment of the inconsistency
  3. Exception to the 12-month warranty are products whose "natural" life is less than two years, such as light sources with life 1000-2000 hours or less.
  4. VIVA does not provide commercial guarantee in case of damage caused deliberate change in the design of products, improper installation and improper use or storage, release, shock, moisture, wet (for products with a degree of protection at least IP44), due to natural disasters and other external influences.
  5. Right of claim shall be made only in writing. Тhe buyer must submit:
    • defective product
    • receipt or invoice
    • original packaging.
  6. Commercial guarantee does not affect the purchaser's rights arising from the guarantee under Art. 112-115 of the Law on Consumer Protection.
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