Think green

Think green

We are aware that the daily activities of people left their imprint on the environment in which we live and therefore we at VIVA offers an alternative in lighting that reduce the negative impact on nature. To achieve this goal we offer effective solutions that do not require compromises with the lifestyle of users of our products:

Energy saving

Energy-saving light sources brand VIVALUX® , compared to traditional lamps on the one hand, save electricity:

Accordance with European standards

Much of our range is energy saving products or use with energy-saving light sources. All models comply with the relevant European standards ecodesign, have CE certificate for compliance with RoHS requirements. This means that VIVA offers its clients:


Compliance of our products with the criteria for the award of the СЕ monitored by our adopted system of quality control, some of which are checks on goods and precise laboratory tests.


Compliance with RoHS requirements

VIVA offers all lamps VIVALUX® in compliance with RoHS Directive. RoHS mark means quality and can be found on the packaging of all products with the trademark VIVALUX® .

RoSH certificate

Amalgam technology for producing

For us by VIVA is important that our suppliers also share the idea of a greener lifestyle – they invest in the development of new technologies, one of which is the use of amalgam technology in the manufacture of energy-saving lamps. Amalgam is more environmentally friendly alternative to liquid mercury. VIVALUX® energy-saving lamps do not emit mercury vapors in the premises. The use of amalgam technology allows the creation of a more compact light sources with better light parameters.


The trend in the design of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is small size, combined with a compact form. This is ensured by the use of specific minor components, which leads to saving of non-renewable natural resources. Compact energy saving lamps and LEDs make them suitable for use in a variety of lighting fixtures.

Reliable long life

Latest series light sources in the range of VIVALUX® ® have a longer life. Long life lamps, in combination with a high number of switching cycles (cycles of switching on and off), reducing the need for their frequent replacement, as a result of which is generated in a small amount of waste.


In developing the packaging and the introduction of new products under the brand VIVALUX® ®, our team strives to provide users the opportunity to make informed choices. According to the Bulgarian legislation (Law on Waste Management Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste) VIVA is responsible for the separate collection of waste to recycling and recovery and participate in collective management system for packaging waste.

Management of waste from discarded EEE

The rules of the Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) of the European Union have been transposed into Bulgarian law Regulation on the placing on the market of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Under the Ordinance, VIVA is responsible for collection, pre-treatment, recycling and recovery of waste EEE (lamps) and to this end we participate in a collective system and encourage consumers to return the defective products. There are two containers for the collection of discarded EEE at Sliven, Bansko shose St 27A.

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