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Privacy policy

1. Introduction

This web site is distributed by VIVA Ltd.

In the text bellow where "we" is mentioned has to be considered "VIVA Ltd. and the company’s direct associates".

We promise and undertake to protect Your security, personal data and information regarding the meaning of this document.

2. Commitment – You control it

We value high and understand that you do not wish to receive junk emails.

All the data that You submit for yourselves give the right to VIVA Ltd to send You updates. We may use Your e-mail to contact You.

We will not place that information at a third party’s disposal and will accurately follow the regulations of the Law for Protection of Personal Data.

Anytime You may inform us if You wish not to receive any information from us.

We use the web site links to improve our web site. These links are clearly defined in order You to understand that You’re leaving our web site. Please keep in mind the fact that these web sites are not our property and are not maintained and distributed by us. They are distributed by other companies, organizations or persons, and we are not responsible for your personal data that you provide to them. They are managed by their own conditions of security and discretion.

3. What kind of information do we collect and where from?

Usually we use Your information on two lines:

  • Directly from You:

For example when You submit Your details to us we record the information provided. You control Your data thoroughly.

  • Indirectly by You:

For example the information when You visit our web site (see art. 4. Cookies) containing technical parameters. In case You would like to see what information we keep about You, please contact us.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that can be put down onto Your computer while You use our web site. We use the cookies to identify You. Cookies are put down onto Your hard disk indicating us where in our web site You have been. That helps saving time and organizing the proper content of our web site. If You wish You can set Your browser to show cookies mode.

We seek to ensure our web site provides exactly what You’re searching for. For VIVA Ltd achieving that aim means analyzing the anonymous information gathered by cookies concerning the way You use our web site. This data helps us define our commercial promotion success as well.

VIVA Ltd may collect also Internet Protocol addresses, parameters sent to us by Your web browser, helping on defining and solving problems connected with our servers, system administration and strategic purposes. We associate these addresses and parameters with certain name or identity.

5. This service

We use Your information on several lines to insure the services required by You are provided effectively and at a satisfactory level.

This includes:

  • Ensuring services provided to You that are of maximum quality.
  • Responding to any inquiry addressed to us concerning Your account or help in our future collaboration.
  • Updating our service improvement systems.
  • Authorizing third party to process and manage Your information with the purpose of providing those services to You.
  • Statistical and other non-violation purposes.

6. How do we use Your details?

We also use Your information on lines that exclude providing services. This includes:

  • To ensure the security, administrative and legal purposes provided by the laws.

7. Are we allowed to change this security and discretion document?

Our security and discretion document supports and ensures what happens with Your personal information. We constantly update and modify our services to You therefore it might be possible a development and a change in the way we use Your data.

We will immediately inform You about any change made in this security and discretion document and indicate that on the start page of this site. We may change this document and for that purpose we recommend You return to this page, gaining You the opportunity to check again the security and discretion conditions of our web site.

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